We never compromise on health, safety or the environment.

Expect to have your products delivered in time and in accordance with specifications agreed upon. The ethical values at Stapro include our relationship with clients, suppliers, competitors, employees and the society as a whole.

Quality assurance:
- Stapro`s system for quality assurance is in accordance with NS-EN ISO 9001.

Our goals for quality assurance:
- We shall deliver your products within the agreed timeframe, place and in accordance with conditions and specifications agreed upon.

HSE assurance:
- Stapro has a formalized system for HSE in accordance with regulations, requirements and guidelines from all relevant authorities.

HSE goals:
- Avoid injuries to personnel, damage & health facilities and the environment.
- At any given time work in accordance with authority regulations, rules and guidelines in the area of HSE.
- Working actively to meet the requirements in regulations relating systematic health, environment and safety-work in the company.

Our ethical values:
- Stapro´s ethical values do not only include our relation to clients, suppliers, competitors, employees and the society as a whole. They also includes the way we want our company to be perceived.


We go above and beyond to give you the best possible products and services. Our staff have more than 20 years of experience with shipping and offshore. We have vast technical competence and product knowledge. And are so much more than just a wholesaler.


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